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was founded in March of 1995 by Jacquie and Chris Meyer and has been family owned and operated ever since. It very quickly grew to be a Boulder institution, not just because of the delicious food, but also because of the genuine desire to please every customer that comes through the door. In January of 2014, The Buff moved to it's new and beautiful location on 2600 Canyon Boulevard.  

When renovating the old 2600 Canyon building for the new location, there was a vision to recreate the look and feel of the original restaurant. In addtion, there was a strong emphasis on reusing and repurposing many of the materials that were already existing. The wood from the previous restaurant's booths were made into new booths, and some of the new wood walls were created by turning around the old existing beadboard! This creates a very comfortable and unique "homey" feel that you must experience for yourself. You can feel the love and intention right when you step foot through the door!   

There is a very strong emphasis on composting and recycling at The Buff. So much so that the restaurant earned recognition from Western Disposal for diverting more than 95% of potential waste into compost or recyclables! This is no small task, and owners Chris and Jacquie are very grateful to be able to make this happen. 

The Buff loves our local friends and their products! We feature Ozo Coffee, Polidori Sausage, Mile High Spirits, Sherpa Chai, Odell Brewing, and Boulder Granola to name a few! The breakfast potatoes are made from scratch, and don't forget about the 99¢ bloody marys, mimosas, and tequila sunrises right out of the tap! 

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